Better German Podcast with Susi

Susanne Schilk-Blümel
Episode 38, German Word List Family Members

2024-06-16 15 min Susanne Schilk-Blümel

In episode 38 of the Better German podcast, host Susi Blumel introduces an upcoming German beginner course and discusses a new frequency for podcast episodes. The main focus of the episode is a word list covering family members in German, with translations and helpful illustrations. Learn German repeating those words! Here you can get the list of words used with translation and an illustration.
Episode 37 - Introducation to German Cases
Part 3

2024-05-30 14 min

Episode 37 is the third and final part of a mini-series introducing German cases. It briefly recaps the first two episodes, which covered the definition and importance of cases, names of cases, and how verbs determine cases. The focus of this episode is on how German prepositions determine cases, with examples provided for clarity. It also explains special prepositions that require different cases depending on context. Get the free PDF German Case Essentials here.
Episode 36 - Introduction to German Cases Part 2
The Names and Basic Usages of the 4 German Cases (Fälle)

2024-05-15 13 min

In this episode you will learn the names and basic usages of each of the four cases of the German language. Want to learn German without worrying about cases: Better German with Susi Beginner Course
Episode 35 - Introduction to German Cases Part 1
Understanding German "Fälle"

2024-05-09 10 min

In episode 35 of the Better German podcast I am going to give you an introduction to German cases. And we are discussing here the very basics - what are cases at all? Why do we have them? Other languages get along just fine without them, so what are they really. 
Words for Travelling in Germany or Austria
Helpful Words as a Tourist in Vienna or anywhere in the German Speaking Area

2024-05-02 24 min

This episode of the Better German Podcast provides a comprehensive guide for travelers to German speaking countries, focusing on essential German words, tips for accommodations, supermarkets, pharmacies, public transport, entertainment options, and restaurants. The host, Susi, also introduces a future course on German for traveling. Download the free PDF with the words here.
Episode 33 - Introduction to Informal and Formal Communication in German

2024-04-25 9 min

In this episode of Better German, Susie Blumel goes into the topic of formal and informal communication in the German language. She explains how the usage of different forms depends on the level of familiarity with the person you are addressing, and how this can vary in social or professional settings, providing practical examples for better comprehension. 
Episode 32 Uncommon German Vocabulary: gerne, gell etc.
Learn Some Unexpected Words You Won't Find in Books

2024-04-18 17 min

Susi introduces and explains the meanings of typical German words like 'eh', 'jö', 'gell', 'na ja', and 'gerne'. It also touches on the Better German Academy, a project aiming to provide comprehensive learning materials for German language learners.
Episode 31 - The Sound of Music
Is Austria like the movie?

2024-04-11 11 min

In this episode we will talk about 'The Sound of Music' from an Austrian perspective, discussing its historical context, the impact of World War II, and the portrayal of Austrian traditions. We will go into the reason why The Sound of Music was literally successful everywhere but in Austria and Germany. But how much of The Sound of Music is actually alive? Just the hills?
Episode 30 - To Be in German

2024-04-04 22 min

This Episode of the Better German podcast covers the different forms of the verb 'to be' in German, providing examples and explanations for each form. You will also hear about gender in German nouns and get information about resources for learning the language with ease.
Episode 29 - How Long Does it Take to Learn German
Some Guidelines to Give you an Idea What to Expect

2024-03-28 11 min

This episode of the Better German Podcast discusses the time it takes to learn German, covering different levels of proficiency, hours of learning required on average to learn the different levels and what to expect to be able to do when you learned the level. If you are trying to figure out how long it will take you to reach your individual goal of learning German, this episode can help you!
Episode 28 - How Much Practice do We Need when Learning German

2024-03-20 13 min

In this episode of the Better German podcast, Susi Blümel discusses the significance of practice in learning German. She stresses the need for a balance between theory and practice, providing examples and guidelines for effective practice. Susi emphasizes that consistent and substantial practice is essential for mastery of the language, and she offers practical tips for learners to improve their speaking abilities.
Episode 27 Introduction to Parts of Speech for Learning German

2024-03-13 27 min

Hello and welcome to the Better German podcast! In this episode, we'll discuss the most important parts of speech in the German language. Host Susi Blumel breaks down the fundamental components of language, from nouns and articles to verbs and adverbs, offering clear explanations in both English and German. By the end of this episode, you'll have a deeper understanding of these essential building blocks of German, paving the way for more effective language learning. So, whether you're a beginner or looking to broaden your linguistic knowledge, stay tuned for a comprehensive introduction to the parts of speech in German.
Episode 26 - I, you, he, she, it... in German

2024-03-07 12 min

Susi Blümel introduces the personal pronouns in the German language, including the basic translations for 'I,' 'you,' 'he,' 'she,' 'it,' 'we,' 'you' (plural), and 'they.' She explains the use of personal pronouns in relation to gendered nouns and also mentions the different forms of address in German for formal and informal situations.
Episode 25 - Guide to Learn German Nouns
What you Need to Learn and How

2024-02-29 19 min

In this episode, Susie Blumel provides a beginner's guide on learning German nouns. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on nouns when first learning the language and provides tips on how to effectively learn and remember them. Susie explains the key components of learning nouns, such as writing and pronouncing the word, understanding its meaning, identifying the article, and learning the plural form. She also encourages using the words in sentences to solidify learning. 
Episode 24 - Tipps to Learn to Speak German
How to Talk German soon

2024-02-15 16 min

In this episode we are going into the common trouble of being able to speak German, despite "Learning German". Find out what you can do so start talking from the beginning of your German learning experience!
Episode 23 - Practice German Plural with Learned Words

2024-02-08 13 min

This episode is continues on the subject of the last episode (22), where the German plural was introduced. In this episode host Susi will give you the plural forms for simple German words about the body and a room. There is a PDF with the words and their translations that you can download here. 
Episode 22 - Introduction to the German Plural

2024-02-01 20 min

In this episode I am going to give you an introduction to the German plural. The episode focuses on explaining the concept of noun plurals in German and mentions different ways of forming plurals, such as adding letters or changing vowels. The script also highlights the importance of learning articles and provides examples of plural forms for various words.
21 Introduction to the Differences of Austrian and German German
A Short Guide to Understanding Regional Differences of the German Language

2024-01-25 17 min

In this episode of the Better German Podcast, Susi Blümel discusses the differences between the Austrian and German versions of the German language. She covers the areas where German is spoken, the population differences between Germany and Austria, the common written language, and the variations in spoken language and dialects. She also provides advice on learning different regional dialects and understanding Hochdeutsch, the standard form of the German language.
Episode 20 - Easy Sentences in German - What is that? That is a _______.

2024-01-18 26 min

In this episode (number 20 of the Better German Podcast) you will learn a Sentence Pattern, you will learn to say "What is that?" and "That is..." in German. I will also give you tipps how to practice this - either with a study partner or by yourself. 
Episode 19 - Introduction to German Levels and Exams
What do A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 mean?

2024-01-11 23 min

In this podcast episode, Iexplains the different levels of German language proficiency and exams. I give you details about each level, from A1 to C2, and give you information what you need each level for, as travel, work, and studying. I am also telling you about the relation between actually learning the language and passing the exams and why I think it is problematic to learn for the exams. This episode is perfect for you to become oriented in the world of language levels and to see which level you need to aim for and what you can expect from each level. 
Episode 18 - Introduction to the German Alphabet
Learning the Alphabet as a First Step to Master German Pronunciation

2024-01-04 37 min

In this episode, Susi Blümel teaches the German alphabet, pronunciation, and special letter combinations. You will get examples and translations for each letter and combination. Learning the alphabet is a step towards mastering the German pronunciation and learning to read German. 
Episode 17 - Why Pay for a German Course
Pay for a Course or Learn for Free?

2023-12-28 9 min

In this episode of the Better German podcast, we are looking at the question of why someone should pay for a German course instead of learning for free on YouTube - or should you? What works better in what situations. We are looking at this subject so you can figure out for yourself if it works better for you to use free materials you can find or avail yourself of a paid course. 
Episode 16 - Festivals and Holidays in Austria in Winter Part 2
Vienna Christmas Markets and Winter Traditions: Snow, Lights, and Festive Celebrations

2023-12-14 28 min

This is an episode about festivals and holidays in autumn and winter in Austria. It is the second part of the episode and the focus is on the time before Christmas and Christmas in Vienna. The host, Susi Blümel, talks about the weather, traditions, and experiences related to these festivals and holidays. She also mentions other events such as Advent, St. Nicholas Day, and New Year's Eve. The episode includes a word list with translations and suggestions for learning German words related to the topic.
Episode 15 - Introduction to Capitalization (big letters) in German

2023-12-07 12 min

In this episode we will cover the basic rules of capitalization in German. Capitalization means writing some words with a big letter (capital) in the beginning of the word. German is the only language that writes many words other than names and the beginnings of sentences with a capital. We are going to cover the basic rules and make sure you will not get confused about this when learning German. 
Episode 14 - Introduction to Watching Movies to Learn German
Have Fun with Movies and TV Shows while Learning German

2023-11-30 21 min

In this episode we will explore the benefits of watching German movies and TV shows with subtitles as a tool to aid in learning the German language. This is great for both independent learners and students that are taking a course or classes. We will cover programs on Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus and YouTube. You will find a free interactive movie guide on my homepage with all the movies that we are going over in this episode and more. 
Episode 13 - Festivals in Autumn and Winter in Austria and Germany
Part 1 of a Holiday Special for Thanksgiving and the autumn time

2023-11-23 35 min Susanne Schilk-Blümel

The topic for this episode is special days, holidays, and festivals in the German-speaking area throughout autumn and winter. Highlights include coverage of Austria's diverse traditions and the Austrian national holiday. Furthermore, language and cultural nuances concerning religious holidays, cultural festivals, and national events are discussed. Susi also compares Thanksgiving to holidays in Austria. Alongside these points, she mentions the upcoming guide for watching German TV shows and movies that will be released in the forthcoming episode.
Episode 12 Learn German Words about an Office or Classroom
A lot of Practice for Beginners

2023-11-16 19 min

Episode 12 of the Better German Podcast is an audio version of a lesson from the Beginner German course. The lesson covers a list of words about objects commonly found in a classroom or office. You will get audio repetition for pronunciation practice and you will learn actively by repeating words and translations aloud. You can get a downloadable PDF here or watch the video on Susi’s course platform for free.
Episode 11 - My 7 Favourite Tips to Learn German

2023-11-09 13 min

In this episode, Susi offers her top seven tips for individuals trying to learn the German language. These include practical for learners of all levels, no matter if they are already attending a course or not. So, if you are learning German and want to make faster progress or have more fun doing it, or if you want to get started – this episode is for you!
Episode 10 - Greeting and Introduction Part 2

2023-11-02 16 min Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 10 of the "Better German" podcast, hosted by Susi Blümel. The episode is focused on German greetings and introductions and represents the second part of this topic. Susi outlines common German phrases and provides their English translations, offering cultural and linguistic context for each one. She also asks listeners to repeat the phrases for practice. In the beginning, she recommends listeners to download a PDF of the script for further practice and at the end, she encourages them to sign up for a newsletter and share the podcast. She concludes by inviting listeners to explore German language courses available on her website.
Episode 9 - Greeting and Introducing Yourself in German

2023-10-26 16 min Susanne Schilk-Blümel

In this episode you are going to learn all the basic words you need to understand phrases to introduce yourself and greet other people, and you will also learn the phrases. This is something you should learn early on, so dive into it and have fun!
Episode 8 - How Much Grammar Do We Need?
Grammar vs. Communication: Striking the Right Balance in Language Learning

2023-10-12 11 min

We're diving deep into a topic that many of us grapple with when learning a new language: grammar. How much grammar is really necessary? Should we sweat over every rule and tense, or is there a better way? In this episode, we'll explore the importance of striking a balance between grammar and practical application. I'll share some insights on how overemphasis on grammar can hinder our progress and confidence. We'll also discuss the power of learning sentence patterns, the significance of vocabulary, and the gradual improvement we can achieve, just like a child learning their first words. So, let's unlock the secrets of mastering German without getting lost in the sea of grammar rules.
Episode 7 - Your First Sentences in German!
Sentence Pattern "That is the ________" with Body Parts

2023-10-05 24 min

Find the full show notes at Download the PDF with all the used words, examples and additional exercises here. Welcome to a new episode of Better German! In this episode, we will be exploring the fascinating world of sentence patterns in the German language. I, Susi Blümel, your host, will guide you through this episode, which is actually one of the earliest videos in our A1.1 course. We will focus on a specific sentence pattern, "That is _____," and I will teach you how to fill in the blank correctly. This method of learning grammar through sentence patterns is both efficient and enjoyable. With between 100 and 150 sentence patterns, you will have a solid foundation of the basic language of German. In this episode, we will be using vocabulary related to body parts, building upon what we learned in the previous episode. So join me on this language learning journey as we master sentence patterns and expand our German vocabulary. Let's get started!
Better German Podcast Episode 6 Wordlist Body Parts

2023-09-28 18 min

Find the full show notes at PDF with the list and translations to download (just register once) In this episode of the Better German podcast you will learn a list of words - body parts - in German! This is a great list for total beginners, it is also good as a review or if you want to learn the correct articles for the words. You will learn the meaning and the pronunciation of these words by repeating. I encourage you to get the PDF with the written out words and translation from my homepage.
Better German Podcast Episode 5 Introduction to Articles
Are They Important and What Do They Mean?

2023-09-21 13 min

In this episode of the Better German podcast, you will be provided with an introduction to articles in the German language. I will give you an introduction that what articles are, as you will start meeting right from the beginning of your language journey. I will describe the meaning (something which is left out very often) and what function they serve in German. I compare the limited number of articles in English (such as "a" and "the") to the slightly more numerous articles in German ("ein", "eine" and "der," "die," "das"). I discuss how articles can indicate specificity or generality, and how they are essential for constructing correct sentences in German. While acknowledging that some learners find articles challenging, I will explain the importance of learning them from the beginning and give you a bit of an outlook on what's to come already in the next episode and that through repetition and interactive exercises, you will become comfortable using German articles. Overall, this episode aims to provide a foundational understanding of articles in German and encourage you to get a got start with them right away.  Watch out for the next episode (number 6) which is a word list of body parts - including articles. 
Better German Podcast Episode 4 Introduction to Learning German
Summary of different aspects of learning German

2023-09-14 12 min

Find the full show notes on: In this episode of Better German, Susi Blümel introduces the approach she is using to teach German. She emphasizes the importance of speaking and practicing the language, rather than solely focusing on grammar rules. Susi encourages learners to adopt a natural approach, similar to how they learned their native language. She explains the effectiveness of repetition and the use of sentence patterns to create meaningful and practical sentences. She also highlights the need for consistent practice in order to become comfortable and fluent in speaking German. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into a different approach to learning German that focuses on practicality and real-life communication.
Episode 3, Key Words about Learning German
Some words that you may run into

2023-09-14 25 min

In this episode of the Better German podcast, host Susi Blümel discusses key words related to learning German. She emphasizes the importance of finding a German course that is accessible and understandable for beginners, suggesting that having a course in one's native language or at least in English can be beneficial. Susi introduces several basic terms such as "Kurs" (course), "Deutsch" (German), "Anfänger" (beginner), and "Fortgeschritten" (advanced). She also explains the meaning of abbreviations like A1, which denotes the first level of German language proficiency. Additionally, Susi covers terms like "Schule" (school), "lernen" (to learn), and "Wiederholen" (to repeat), among others. She concludes by highlighting the importance of practical and contextual grammar instruction and encourages listeners to check out the show notes on her website for more resources and materials.
Episode 2 Reasons to Learn German
Why Would You Learn German?

2023-09-14 21 min

In this episode of the Better German podcast, host Susi discusses the reasons why learning German is beneficial. Susi emphasizes the importance of learning German for individuals living in German-speaking countries, as it allows for better integration into the local community and enhances communication with natives. She also highlights the advantages of speaking German when dealing with official matters and navigating legal systems. Additionally, Susi emphasizes the benefits of learning German for travelers, as it opens up new opportunities for exploration and deeper cultural understanding. Furthermore, she explains the career advantages of speaking German, both in terms of job prospects and the potential for bilingual positions. Lastly, Susi mentions the importance of learning German for individuals planning to study in Austria. Overall, this episode provides compelling reasons to learn German for personal, professional, and academic growth. Download the worksheet for this episode here
Better German Episode 1
Unleashing Your German Language Skills: Insights from a Skilled German Teacher

2023-09-07 9 min

Hey there! Welcome to Better German, the podcast that's all about helping you learn and improve your German language skills. I'm Susi, your host, and I couldn't be more excited to finally launch this podcast. Whether you're currently learning German, want to learn German, or have previously given up on learning German, this podcast is for you. In each episode, we'll dive into techniques for learning the language, share tips on resources, and even provide specific suggestions for learning German in Vienna. So grab your headphones and get ready to embark on this language-learning journey with me. In this episode I am going to give you an introduction about what is to come.