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Susanne Schilk-Blümel
Your host, Susi Blumel will teach you German and things about Vienna, Austria, the other German speaking countries and the Austrian and German culture. In alternate episodes you will learn about different subjects around the German language, language courses and exams, learning, but also the German speaking countries, culture and more. And every other episode will be an episode where you directly learn German, teaching you new words, sentences, expressions and more. Tune in, listen and learn! You can listen to every episode right here or on ITunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.  

Episode 36 - Introduction to German Cases Part 2

The Names and Basic Usages of the 4 German Cases (Fälle)

2024-05-15 13 min

In this episode you will learn the names and basic usages of each of the four cases of the German language.
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Episode 35 - Introduction to German Cases Part 1

Understanding German "Fälle"

2024-05-09 10 min

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Words for Travelling in Germany or Austria

Helpful Words as a Tourist in Vienna or anywhere in the German Speaking Area

2024-05-02 24 min

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Episode 33 - Introduction to Informal and Formal Communication in German

2024-04-25 9 min

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