Better German Podcast with Susi

Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 30 - To Be in German

2024-04-04 22 min

Description & Show Notes

This Episode of the Better German podcast covers the different forms of the verb 'to be' in German, providing examples and explanations for each form. You will also hear about gender in German nouns and get information about resources for learning the language with ease.

Welcome to the Better German podcast! In this 30th episode, we delve into the forms of the English word "to be" in German, covering "I am, you are," and more. Host Susi Blumel (Susi Schilk-Blümel) underscores the importance of providing accessible German learning materials and the joy of making the language easier to learn. With an ongoing commitment to creating a range of resources, including the upcoming Better German Academy, Susi encourages new listeners to start from the beginning and engage with the downloadable PDFs on Her energetic teaching style shines through as she walks through key German expressions and explores the nuances of gender-specific nouns. Join us on this enlightening journey to master German with ease, and be sure to stay tuned for additional learning resources and episodes. Subscribe, share, and leave a review to support our mission of making German learning enjoyable for everyone!

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary Topic: Introduction
- Purpose of the podcast and the Better German Academy
- Suggestion for new listeners to start from the beginning
Primary Topic: Forms of "to be" in German
- Introduction to the basic forms of "to be" in German
- Explanation of gender importance in German language
- Importance of learning genders for nouns
- Demonstrative practice of different forms of "to be" with examples
- Explanation of the importance of accompanying articles or gender pronouns
Primary Topic: Vocabulary practice with "to be" in German
- Practice German to be (sein) with easy German words (that are all translated)
- Practice sentences with translation and repetition
- Explanation of the difficulty of demonstrating practice in a podcast format
Primary Topic: Related Episodes and Resources
- Recommendations for other relevant podcast episodes
- Accessibility to podcast episodes on different platforms
- Shortcuts to find specific episodes on the Better German website
- Encouragement to continue learning through various resources
- Call to action to leave reviews and spread the word about the podcast and its content


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