Better German Podcast with Susi

Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 18 - Introduction to the German Alphabet

Learning the Alphabet as a First Step to Master German Pronunciation

2024-01-04 37 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode, Susi Blümel teaches the German alphabet, pronunciation, and special letter combinations. You will get examples and translations for each letter and combination. Learning the alphabet is a step towards mastering the German pronunciation and learning to read German. 

In this episode of Better German, host Susi Blumel introduces the German alphabet, guiding listeners through the pronunciation of each letter and emphasizing the importance of practice. She explains additional letters, vowel sounds, and specific letter combinations in German, providing examples and encouragement for language learners. Susi highlights the value of articulating words correctly and reveals a second part focusing on vowels and pronunciation. She invites listeners to download a free PDF with further materials. Get the PDF that goes with the episode!

00:00 Download alphabet worksheet or PDF from
05:50 Explanation of pronunciation for letters and sounds.
08:16 Letter similar to b, called as sharp s.
09:54 German pronunciation is simpler than English.
14:31 Download the PDF for free at
20:06 Learn articles from the beginning for ease.
25:09 Alternative pronunciations of words, emphasizing specific sounds.
30:19 German and English language similarities and introductions.
34:36 Practice saying alphabet letters and vowels fluently.

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary Topic: Introduction to the German Alphabet
- Definition of the German alphabet
- Availability of a free video lesson on the website
- Pronouncing the alphabet from A to Z with encouragement for listeners to repeat after her
- Introduction of four additional letters in German with their pronunciations
- Explanation of vowel sounds in German and reassurance for listeners
Primary Topic: Letter Combinations and Pronunciations
- Discussion of specific letter combinations in German, e.g., "sch" and "ai"
- Explanation of the pronunciation of letter combinations
- Examples of words with the letter combinations
Primary Topic: Differences in Pronunciation between German and English
- Comparison of pronunciation of various German words to English
- Highlighting the importance of practicing pronunciation in order to become familiar with the language
Primary Topic: Invitation to Further Learning
- Mentions an episode on introducing oneself and reading (episodes 9 and 10)
- Introducing the second part of the podcast focusing on vowels and pronunciation
Primary Topic: Free PDF Resource
- Encouragement to download a free PDF with additional material for pronunciation and language learning
- Inclusion of the alphabet, additional letters, combinations, example words, and translations
Primary Topic: Pronunciation Variations
- Emphasis on learning German articles from the beginning of language learning
- Discussion of variations in pronunciation for certain letters, such as "a" and "r"
- Highlighting the importance of different ways of pronouncing the letter "r"
- Pronunciation and examples for letters like "w," "x," "y," "z," and "ä"

- Get the free PDF for this episode with the alphabet, all additional letters and the list of words for each letter
- Episode 14 - Watching Movies with Subtitles to Learn German
- Interactive Movie Guide to help you find German movies with subtitles on your level.
- YouTube Channel

Here you can get early access to the upcoming A1.1 (total beginner) German course.
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