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Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 37 - Introducation to German Cases

Part 3

2024-05-30 14 min

Description & Show Notes

Episode 37 is the third and final part of a mini-series introducing German cases. It briefly recaps the first two episodes, which covered the definition and importance of cases, names of cases, and how verbs determine cases. The focus of this episode is on how German prepositions determine cases, with examples provided for clarity. It also explains special prepositions that require different cases depending on context. Get the free PDF German Case Essentials here.

Welcome to the third and final part of our series on German cases! In this episode, we delved deep into how prepositions determine German cases and covered special prepositions that ask for specific cases in different situations. We also discussed the importance of not getting too caught up in perfection and focused on the ultimate goal of effective communication in German. If you're new to German cases, be sure to grab the cheat sheet at for a summary of today's episode. And remember, at Better German, we prioritize practice over theory for effective language learning.

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary Topic: Introduction to German Cases
- Understanding the concept of cases in German
- The purpose of cases and their function in the German language
- Comparison of cases in German and English
- The relationship between verbs and cases
- The significance of prepositions in determining cases
- Overview of common prepositions and the cases they require
- Introduction to specific prepositions that ask for either the dative or accusative case
- The number of prepositions used in German and their specific case requirements
Primary Topic: Learning and Applying German Cases
- Advice for new learners on how to approach the learning of cases
- Use of cheat sheets and examples to aid in understanding and practice
- The role of making one's own examples in grasping the correct usage of cases
- Emphasizing the importance of communication over perfect grammar in language learning
- Integration of correct sentence patterns for language practice
- Encouragement to not be overly concerned about making mistakes while learning cases
Primary Topic: Summary and Additional Resources
- Recap of the primary determinants of cases in German sentences
- Importance of understanding the basic forms of nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive cases
- The availability of a free PDF "German Case Essentials" for further reference and practice
- Reference to the Better German Academy for alternative approaches to learning German without extensive grammar focus
- Recommendations for further learning and engagement with the German language
This comprehensive sequence of topics covered in the podcast will serve as a useful guide for individuals seeking to understand and apply the fundamental principles of German cases.

Links mentioned or providing further information
- German Case Essentials - Free Guide about Cases
- Podcast Episode 35 - Part 1 of Introduction to German Cases
- Podcast Episode 36 - Part 2 of Introduction to German Cases
- Appointment for free consultation and placement

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