Better German Podcast with Susi

Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 27 Introduction to Parts of Speech for Learning German

2024-03-13 27 min

Description & Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Better German podcast! In this episode, we'll discuss the most important parts of speech in the German language. Host Susi Blumel breaks down the fundamental components of language, from nouns and articles to verbs and adverbs, offering clear explanations in both English and German. By the end of this episode, you'll have a deeper understanding of these essential building blocks of German, paving the way for more effective language learning. So, whether you're a beginner or looking to broaden your linguistic knowledge, stay tuned for a comprehensive introduction to the parts of speech in German.

In this episode of the Better German podcast, host Susi Blumel covers the most important parts of speech in the German language. She explains the functions and usage of nouns, articles, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections, offering examples in both English and German. Susi emphasizes the practical approach to learning German and the importance of understanding these parts of speech in order to navigate the language effectively. She also hints at upcoming German courses for different levels of learners.

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary topic: Introduction to Parts of Speech
- Definition of parts of speech
- Importance for learners of German
- Reasons for covering parts of speech in the podcast
Primary topic: Noun (Substantiv)
- Definition of a noun
- Examples of nouns in German and English
- Explanation of how nouns change in German
Primary topic: Article (Artikel)
- Definition of an article
- Importance of articles in German
- Functions of articles
- Explanation of how articles indicate gender in German
Primary topic: Verb (Verb)
- Definition of a verb
- Examples of verbs in German
- Explanation of how verbs indicate time in German
- Information on the basic form of a verb in German
Primary topic: Adjective (Adjektiv)
- Definition of an adjective
- Description of how adjectives change in German
- Overview of the importance of adjectives in forming sentences
Primary topic: Pronoun (Pronomen)
- Definition of a pronoun
- Examples of personal pronouns in German and English
- Comparison of pronouns in German and English
Primary topic: Adverb (Adverb)
- Different definition of adverb in German compared to English
- Explanation of how adverbs give conditions and describe actions in German
- Information on the non-changing nature of adverbs in German
Primary topic: Preposition (Präposition)
- Definition of a preposition
- Explanation of the crucial role of prepositions in creating correct sentences in German
- Importance of learning the meanings of individual prepositions
Primary topic: Conjunction (Konjunktion)
- Definition of a conjunction
- Explanation of how conjunctions connect words or sentences in German
- Placeholder of learning prepositions and conjunctions as "small words"
Primary topic: Interjection (Interjektion)
- Definition of an interjection
- Examples of interjections in German and English
- Explanation of the role of interjections in expressing strong emotions
Primary topic: Conclusion and Resources
- Recap of the importance of parts of speech for learners
- Mention of upcoming German course and grammar course
- Encouragement to sign up for the newsletter for updates on the courses


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