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Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 32 Uncommon German Vocabulary: gerne, gell etc.

Learn Some Unexpected Words You Won't Find in Books

2024-04-18 17 min

Description & Show Notes

Susi introduces and explains the meanings of typical German words like 'eh', 'jö', 'gell', 'na ja', and 'gerne'. It also touches on the Better German Academy, a project aiming to provide comprehensive learning materials for German language learners.

In this episode of Better German, host Susi Blumel takes you on a journey through some typical German words that you might not find in a textbook. These words are often used in spoken German and carry unique meanings that don't have direct translations. Susi goes into the nuances of words like "eh," "gell" and "na," shedding light on their various uses and regional distinctions, such as in Austrian dialects. She also provides a glimpse into the upcoming Better German Academy, where listeners can explore specialized courses, including those focused on small but impactful words like the ones discussed in this episode. Susi's passion for teaching German and her commitment to providing valuable learning resources shine through in this engaging and informative episode. So, join us as we uncover the richness of the German language and discover new words to add to your linguistic repertoire.

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary Topic: Introduction to Typical German Words
- Host explains the purpose of the episode: to teach listeners about typical German words that are commonly used in spoken German but may not be found in textbooks
- Explains that these words do not have easy literal translations and are used in various contexts
Primary Topic: Word "eh"
- Host provides examples of how "eh" is used in German
- Explains different meanings and usage of the word "eh" in various contexts
Primary Topic: Word "jö"
- Host discusses the usage and meaning of "jö" in spoken German
- Provides examples of when to use "jö" in conversations and its significance
Primary Topic: Word "gell"
- Host explains the meaning and usage of "gell" in spoken German
- Discusses how "gell" is added to sentences to emphasize or seek verification
- Mentions its colloquial usage in the southern region
Primary Topic: Word "na" & "naja"
- Host explores the multiple meanings of "na" and its usage in different contexts
- Elaborates on how "naja" conveys agreement, skepticism, and hesitation
- Mentions its colloquial usage in expressing dissatisfaction
Primary Topic: Word "gerne"
- Host discusses the usage and meaning of "gerne" in German
- Provides examples of how "gerne" is used to express preferences and desires and is how you say that you       like to do something.
Primary Topic: Better German Academy
- Host introduces the Better German Academy as a resource for German language learning
- Describes the various courses, materials, and resources available in the academy
- Explains the development of the academy and its purpose in providing comprehensive learning materials for German learners
Primary Topic: Conclusion
- Host wraps up the episode and encourages feedback from listeners
- Expresses willingness to cover more episodes on similar topics based on audience interests

- Appointment for free consultation and placement

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