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Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 25 - Guide to Learn German Nouns

What you Need to Learn and How

2024-02-29 19 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode, Susie Blumel provides a beginner's guide on learning German nouns. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on nouns when first learning the language and provides tips on how to effectively learn and remember them. Susie explains the key components of learning nouns, such as writing and pronouncing the word, understanding its meaning, identifying the article, and learning the plural form. She also encourages using the words in sentences to solidify learning. 

In this episode of the Better German podcast, host Susie Blumel provides a beginner's guide to learning German nouns. She explains the importance of focusing on nouns when starting to learn a language and outlines the essential information that should be learned for each noun. Susie emphasizes the significance of understanding and using the articles that go with nouns, as well as the importance of practicing using the words in sentences to truly retain them. Listeners will gain practical tips and strategies for effectively learning and retaining German nouns, setting a strong foundation for their language learning journey.
Key Points and Bullets
Primary Topic: Introduction to Learning German Nouns
- Definition of a Noun
- Definition of a noun in German
- Other words for noun in German
- Importance of Learning Nouns
- Description of why nouns are important in language learning
- Focus on nouns as the starting point for language learning
Primary Topic: What to Learn When Learning a Noun
- Information About the Noun
- How to write the word
- How to say the word
- Meaning of the word
- Articles
- Explanation of definite articles in German for male, female, and neutral nouns
- Importance of understanding and using articles
- Plural Forms
- Importance of learning plural forms of nouns
- Tips for learning plural forms effectively
Primary Topic: Tips for Learning Nouns
- Using Words in Sentences
- Importance of using the word in sentences verbally and in writing
- Advice on making multiple sentences with the word
- Retaining Words
- Strategies to remember and retain learned words

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