Better German Podcast with Susi

Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 35 - Introduction to German Cases Part 1

Understanding German "Fälle"

2024-05-09 10 min

Description & Show Notes

In episode 35 of the Better German podcast I am going to give you an introduction to German cases. And we are discussing here the very basics - what are cases at all? Why do we have them? Other languages get along just fine without them, so what are they really. 

In this episode of Better German, host Susi Blumel introduces the concept of German cases, known as "Fälle" in German. She explains that cases are different forms that certain words (articles, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns) take based on their function in a sentence. Using examples, she illustrates how cases affect sentence structure and meaning in comparison to languages without cases. Susi emphasizes that this is the first part of a short series on German cases and suggests listening to previous episodes for foundational knowledge. She concludes by mentioning that the next episode will delve into the different cases and invites listeners to explore the Better German Academy for additional language-learning resources. Tune in for a clear and straightforward introduction to German cases, designed to help learners understand and navigate this essential aspect of the German language.

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary Topic: Introduction to German Cases
- Explanation of what cases are and why they are needed
- Decision to make the episode into a short series due to complexity
- Advice for complete beginners to put a pin on it and come back later
- Suggestions to listen to specific episodes before diving into cases
- Introduction to Articles and Parts of Speech episodes recommended for further understanding
- Explanation of how cases work in German and other languages
- Explanation of the words affected by cases: articles, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns
- Summary of cases as different forms that words take based on their function in a sentence
- Comparison of word order in languages without cases to the use of cases in German
- Conclusion of the episode and announcement of the next episode covering different cases

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