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Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 20 - Easy Sentences in German - What is that? That is a _______.

2024-01-18 26 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode (number 20 of the Better German Podcast) you will learn a Sentence Pattern, you will learn to say "What is that?" and "That is..." in German. I will also give you tipps how to practice this - either with a study partner or by yourself. 

In this episode of Better German, host Susi Blumel presents a useful sentence pattern that will come in handy for German learners: "What is that? That is a...." She suggests that beginners should start with earlier episodes if they are new to the German language (see links below).

There is a free PDF guide available and you can also watch it as a video.

Susi breaks down the sentence pattern, offering clear pronunciation and translations for listeners to learn and repeat. Susi encourages listeners to master the sentence pattern before progressing to new material.
Susi also shares practical tips for immersive learning, highlighting the benefits of practicing with a partner and providing extra guidance for individuals studying independently.

So, join Susi Blumel on this enjoyable language journey, learn with essential language skills get confident in learning German.

Key topics and bullet points
Primary Topic: Introduction to Sentence Pattern
- Importance of learning sentence patterns in German.
- Suggestions for beginners to start with earlier podcast episodes.
Primary Topic: Sentence Pattern "What is that? That is a"
- Explanation of the sentence pattern "What is that? That is a" in German.
- Breakdown of the words and their meanings in the sentence pattern.
- Clarification on the usage of different forms in German sentence patterns.
- Discussion on the significance of articles in German and their role in sentence patterns.
Primary Topic: Examples and Practice
- Demonstration of the sentence pattern with various examples such as table, chair, door, lamp, plant, window, picture.
- Encouragement for practice and repeated usage of the sentence pattern to master it effectively.
- Recommendations to revisit previous episodes for additional vocabulary and word lists.
Primary Topic: Tips for Practice
- Suggestions for practicing the sentence pattern with a study partner, emphasizing its effectiveness.
- Advice on self-practice and strategies for improving sentence pattern usage.
- Suggestions on how to use new words into the sentence pattern for continuous practice and learning.
Primary Topic: Conclusion and Resources
- Emphasis on the simplicity and importance of the introduced sentence pattern in learning German.
Overall, the text covers the introduction, breakdown, examples, practice, and conclusion of the sentence pattern "What is that? That is a" in German, along with recommendations and resources to aid in the learning process.

- Episode 5 Introduction to Articles (I suggest to listen to that first if you are a beginner)
- Episode 6 - Wordlist Body Parts (learn the words that I am using in this Sentence Pattern)
- Episode 12 - Wordlist Office/Classroom (the rest of the words I am using)
- All Freebies for the Podcast - including the PDF for this Podcast
- Watch this episode in Video version
- Interactive Movie Guide to help you find German movies with subtitles on your level.
- YouTube Channel
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