Better German Podcast with Susi

Susanne Schilk-Blümel

Episode 22 - Introduction to the German Plural

2024-02-01 20 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode I am going to give you an introduction to the German plural. The episode focuses on explaining the concept of noun plurals in German and mentions different ways of forming plurals, such as adding letters or changing vowels. The script also highlights the importance of learning articles and provides examples of plural forms for various words.

In this episode of the Better German podcast, Susi Blumel introduces you to the concept of German plural nouns. She explains that in German, the formation of plurals is more varied than in English, with no single rule to follow. Susi demonstrates some of the different ways plurals are formed and provides examples using words from previous episodes. She reassures listeners that while learning plural forms may seem daunting, there are only a few common ways to form them. Coming up in the next episode, Suse will provide practice in forming plural nouns. Finally, she teases an upcoming episode on how to learn nouns.

Key topics and bullet points
Primary Topic: Introduction to German Plural
- Definition of Noun
    - Explaining what a noun is
    - Describing different kinds of nouns
- Singular and Plural
    - Differentiating between singular (singular) and plural (plural) forms in German
    - Explanation of how nouns change when referring to more than one object
- Plural Formation
    - Emphasizing the lack of a single rule for forming plurals in German
    - Individual learning of plural forms for each noun
    - Importance of consulting dictionaries for plural forms
- Examples of Plural Formation
    - Adding "e" to the end of a word to form plural
    - Adding "n" to the end of a word to form plural
    - No change in the word for plural in some cases
    - Changing the vowel and adding an extra letter to form plural
- Plural of Articles
    - Providing insight into the simplicity of forming plural articles in German
- Future Episodes
    - Announcement of an upcoming episode for practicing plurals of learned words
    - Teaser for an episode on the learning of German nouns and tips for practice
- Importance of Noun Learning
    - Highlighting the vital role of nouns in language learning
    - Comparing the process of noun learning to a child's language acquisition

- Episode 5, Introduction to articles
- Episode 6, Wordlist Body Parts
- Episode 11, Wordlist Office/Classroom
- Interactive Movie Guide to help you find German movies with subtitles on your level.

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