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Susanne Schilk-Blümel

21 Introduction to the Differences of Austrian and German German

A Short Guide to Understanding Regional Differences of the German Language

2024-01-25 17 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode of the Better German Podcast, Susi Blümel discusses the differences between the Austrian and German versions of the German language. She covers the areas where German is spoken, the population differences between Germany and Austria, the common written language, and the variations in spoken language and dialects. She also provides advice on learning different regional dialects and understanding Hochdeutsch, the standard form of the German language.

In this episode of the Better German we give you an overview of the regional variations of the German language, specifically the differences between Austrian German and German German. We are looking at differences between spoken and written German, drawing parallels to the differences between British English and American English. You will get recommendations on how to deal with regional versions vs standard German and how that affects your learning. Be prepared for some personal experiences and tune in to gain valuable insights into understanding and mastering the diverse linguistic landscape of the German language.

Key Topics and Bullet Points
Primary Topic: Introduction to the Different Kinds of German
- Description of where German is spoken (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
- Population differences among the German-speaking countries
- Overview of the similarities and differences in the written and spoken German language
Primary Topic: Differences between Austrian and German German
- Differences in pronunciation and accent between Austrian and German German
- Variances in regional dialects within the countries
- Comparison to the differences between British English and American English
Primary Topic: Learning German
- Advice for learners to focus on the basics of German first
- Recommendations on advancing language skills and exposure to different dialects
- Anecdotal example of a language learner picking up a regional accent while living in a particular area
Primary Topic: Standardized Written Language and Regional Dialects
- Historical perspective on the standardization of German language
- The prevalence and persistence of regional dialects despite a common written language
- Explanation of High German and the idea of speaking German without a regional dialect
Primary Topic: Understanding and Overcoming Regional Dialects
- Discussion on the ability of German speakers to identify regional origins through speech
- Emphasis on the importance of understanding neutral German
- Strategies for learning and understanding regional dialects, including watching TV shows from different areas
- Personal experiences and advice for learners interacting with native speakers in regional areas
Primary Topic: Resources for Learning Regional Dialects
- Plans to provide glossaries for Austrian TV shows for advanced learners
- Encouragement for listeners to ask questions and express interest in specific topics
Primary Topic: Conclusion
- Encouragement to keep learning and not to worry about regional dialects at the beginning
- Offer to address specific questions and requests for further podcast content

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